A note from NAPLES CULINARY WALKS’ 2018 Founder, intrepid Guide, and fellow foodie,
Jamie Ross ~

Jamie Ross
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 NAPLES CULINARY WALKS closes for good March 2023.

From 2018, your Naples Culinary Walks and me, its owner & guide, joyfully served seasonal guests with gratifying food & history tour experiences on the Paradise Coast.  Thank you, everyone - guests to restauranteurs to other supporters - for your interest, curiosity, and resilience during the years' challenges, created so rudely by pandemic quarantine and two hurricanes.

As our Walks close, I am personally moving on to a quieter life, nearer to family.  Though Naples Culinary Walks no longer provides the quintessential Paradise Coast food & history experience  - I believe in the power that comes from combining good food, great friends, and gorgeous surroundings.

Seek out food tours!

Hug your loved ones!

Be happy, wherever you may find yourselves on this planet!

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